Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures in Oregon

So.............. it has been three months. My strategy on updating our blog is to not do it very often, therefore create suspense and make the next entry much more exciting!
False. I'm actually just now updating this because I am a slacker. Whitney openly blasted me on facebook for not doing it. So here I am, gettin' with the times.
Andrew and I just got back from Oregon (pictures soon to come), where we got to go to a friend's wedding reception and spend the weekend with his side of the family.

My friends Kassie and Lindsey sucked it up and drove the 8 hours from Rexburg to join us there. We had all sorts of adventures, and it was amazing to catch up with my crazy roommates from college.
On the agenda was:
1. Relaxing
2. Eating Andrew's mom's delicious cooking
3. Playing in the rain outdoors
4. Doing a little shopping
5. And..... then my GPS turned into a total liar and got us hopelessly lost. So much fun.

Andrew and I are still doing just peachy. We hit a little bump in the road when his job was cut from 5 days a week to 3, but we are just grateful and happy to have jobs in this awful economy. And if we look on the bright side, as soon as he can establish residency for college purposes-- he has 2 more days a week freed up on his schedule. Score.

Rewind a little. Andrew turned 24 last week. He chose Bajio for birthday dinner (which is delicious mexican food if you don't know) and then we went home to eat a tower of maple bars, instead of cake. I think he would live off maple bars if he could.

Rewind a little more. My mom's parents flew up for their 50th anniversary. We all went out to Arnies (not to be confused with Arbys) down on the Mukilteo waterfront.It is gorgeous there and we had a great time.

Well I think that is it for now. Back again in three months! ha, just kidding. I'll try to be better. See you all in June, love ya.