Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Houses and babies

Well its time to update our blog. It's been a little while! Lynsie, here.

So in July of 2012 we bought our house. We moved back to Marysville, WA where I lived from ages 16 to 18. We live about a mile away from my folks which is great!

Fast forward to March 2014 when I took not one, but FOUR pregancy tests. I didn't believe the first three and sent Andrew to the store for a different brand.
October of 2014, Logan was born. This kiddo is full of sass. He loves to be outdoors and is so playful. He blows farts on your arms and will chase you all over the house.
At the moment he is a bit of a momma's boy. AKA I haven't been to the bathroom by myelf in a year.
But when daddy walks into the room his face lights up and he is all smiles.

Logan made his appearance after 22.5 hours of hard labor. My water broke in the middle of the night at home. I was sound asleep for the first time in weeks- imagine that - turns out it's difficult to sleep when you are a planet.
I sat up, "oh -bleep- I wet the bed!" but then we realized what was actually happening and rushed off to the hospital.
I was having hard contractions every 2 minutes and thought he would be born in the car.

Eighteen hours later, on pitocin, and out of sheer exhaustion from back labor, I decided to get an epidural. At the start, the doc gave me 24 hours to deliver before a mandatory C section, due to some minor complications I was having. My first epidural didn't take, so they tried again, and then it worked in just one leg.
He spent about an hour digging around in my back between hard contractions. Super fun, right?
I was so lucky to have my mom and Andrew as my cheerleaders, especially when I got super hangry and wanted to give up.

During the home stretch we had the most awesome nurse holding my hand and talking me through everything. Seriously let's take a second to talk about how those nurses do 90% of the work and get about 10% of the credit. What would we do without their hard work and dedication?

After two hours of pushing, Logan finally arrived. I don't remember much, by this time I was on hour 22+, needed an oxygen mask, and was literally exhausted - but so happy he was finally here. I blacked out while I was getting stitches. Because of my funky epidural, I could not walk at all, and it took several tries to get me out of the bed and upstairs to recovery. After not eating all night and day, they finally let me eat.

I will not admit to you how much.

I stared at that sweet little baby all night. All those months of feeling scared and nervous just melted away.

Andrew was a champ and got me a cheeseburger which I'd been having fantasies about the previous day, and then we went home a bit later.

Fast forward a year. Logan started walking and running around 9 months.
Now at 13 months He says mama, dada, hello, outside, and a silly thing that sounds like "who is this"? Into anything that resembles a phone.
We love this little boy more than anything.