Sunday, December 27, 2015


I hope you all had wonderful Christmases with your loved ones! We were glad to keep it local this year with all of the bad weather going on over the passes. Somehow that commute in winter is now scary to us, when we have a little one.
But we did miss our family in Hermiston.
We had the chance to visit Hermiston for Thanksgiving and catch up with our Ransoms, Blankenships and McDonoughs. It was lots of fun!! We love seeing our nieces and nephews and how they are so grown up.

 We have had a great month! We were able to spend time with our cousins in Federal Way. Aunt Melanie and Uncle Steve hosted a pre Christmas dinner, and all of the cousins were home. I think that was the first time that all of us have been home from college/missions/jobs at the same time in at least 5 years.

 Christmas we spent with the Goff side here in Marysville. No snow this year for Christmas, which we all know that I can live without. Three Rexburg winters cured me of any snow cravings...

 Logan is 14 months old this week and his favorite thing to say is "tees miss tee" (Christmas Tree). He says it all day. It's pretty cute. This year he was really into opening the presents and playing in the boxes. He is a pretty picky eater right now, I hope it's a phase. But if you can trick him I to thinking that something is a cookie, he will eat it.

 We have been keeping busy reinstalling our fence that blew out in the big storm a few weeks ago. Looks as though that might be an annual event for us.

 That's all I can think of at the moment. Byeee

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Houses and babies

Well its time to update our blog. It's been a little while! Lynsie, here.

So in July of 2012 we bought our house. We moved back to Marysville, WA where I lived from ages 16 to 18. We live about a mile away from my folks which is great!

Fast forward to March 2014 when I took not one, but FOUR pregancy tests. I didn't believe the first three and sent Andrew to the store for a different brand.
October of 2014, Logan was born. This kiddo is full of sass. He loves to be outdoors and is so playful. He blows farts on your arms and will chase you all over the house.
At the moment he is a bit of a momma's boy. AKA I haven't been to the bathroom by myelf in a year.
But when daddy walks into the room his face lights up and he is all smiles.

Logan made his appearance after 22.5 hours of hard labor. My water broke in the middle of the night at home. I was sound asleep for the first time in weeks- imagine that - turns out it's difficult to sleep when you are a planet.
I sat up, "oh -bleep- I wet the bed!" but then we realized what was actually happening and rushed off to the hospital.
I was having hard contractions every 2 minutes and thought he would be born in the car.

Eighteen hours later, on pitocin, and out of sheer exhaustion from back labor, I decided to get an epidural. At the start, the doc gave me 24 hours to deliver before a mandatory C section, due to some minor complications I was having. My first epidural didn't take, so they tried again, and then it worked in just one leg.
He spent about an hour digging around in my back between hard contractions. Super fun, right?
I was so lucky to have my mom and Andrew as my cheerleaders, especially when I got super hangry and wanted to give up.

During the home stretch we had the most awesome nurse holding my hand and talking me through everything. Seriously let's take a second to talk about how those nurses do 90% of the work and get about 10% of the credit. What would we do without their hard work and dedication?

After two hours of pushing, Logan finally arrived. I don't remember much, by this time I was on hour 22+, needed an oxygen mask, and was literally exhausted - but so happy he was finally here. I blacked out while I was getting stitches. Because of my funky epidural, I could not walk at all, and it took several tries to get me out of the bed and upstairs to recovery. After not eating all night and day, they finally let me eat.

I will not admit to you how much.

I stared at that sweet little baby all night. All those months of feeling scared and nervous just melted away.

Andrew was a champ and got me a cheeseburger which I'd been having fantasies about the previous day, and then we went home a bit later.

Fast forward a year. Logan started walking and running around 9 months.
Now at 13 months He says mama, dada, hello, outside, and a silly thing that sounds like "who is this"? Into anything that resembles a phone.
We love this little boy more than anything.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Recently I've received a few harassing emails from family and BYU friends, wondering why I never update our blog. I was thinking it hasn't been TOO LONG...

Once a year is respectable right? So blogging isn't high on my to do list. It gets trumped by working and sleeping.

So, what has happened in the last year?

We are doing well, still working the same old same old... Andrew's still working at Travis Industries and I'm still at Everett Clinic.
Andrew is back in school doing night classes. This semester he's in a Psychology course, which I love because we get to have lots of nerdy conversations-- and I get to laugh when he studies Freud.

I'm planning on going back to school in January. Long story short I'm not sure yet if I can register for Winter, but I'm hoping I can. They have a 3 month EMT program here, and it should be a breeze.

Hum what else. Oh, someone broke in to our place over the summer. They only took: cereal, pop tarts, and a baggie of fireplace parts. The parts are green and crinkly, so they probably thought it was bud. I hope they tried to smoke it, and burned their face.
Also maybe they left behind a Batman shirt??? Neither of us recognized it, and it was of the Joker. ha ha.

We briefly had two cats at the beginning of the year. I wore Andrew down, after only a year and a half of begging.
I fulfilled my very mature life-long dream to own a cat and name it Hobbes. When we saw all of them, they were so cute I had to have two. We got them when they were only 6 weeks old, adorable fluffy Siamese/Tabby kitties.


We soon found out that Hobbes has a penchant for chasing you around the house, and eating everything in sight. He's a little tornado of energy.
You never knew when he was going to sneak attack and jump up your pajama-clad legs while you are brushing your teeth, or when he will stealth crawl under your laptop while you're watching a scary movie alone in the dark.


Retail therapy was also a favorite...


Juno I'm pretty sure had a different parent or was exposed to crack in the womb. She has some sort of freakishly abnormal inability to catch herself, and she falls off of stuff.. a LOT. And runs into walls. And chases imaginary things. (See?)


I loved them dearly, but they didn't last long. Our place was too small. Oh, and... Andrew hates cats.


Speaking of Andrew, we had our 2 year wedding anniversary in September, and took a fancy-pants dinner cruise around Seattle. It was gorgeous, and the food was great.


I can't really think of anything else exciting that has happened. I had some mild appendicitis earlier this week, and they found an ovarian cyst. After two days of tests, (including the glorious CT with the contrast dye that makes you feel like you are peeing yourself) they decided I didn't need surgery for now, and I had to just wait it out.
The cyst blew on it's own (imagine what Hiroshima might feel like in your abdomen) and then it was all better.


That's all I can think of for now.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arizona + 4th of July

Andrew and I just got back from our Goff family reunion in Flagstaff, AZ. In mormon terminology, we had an freakin' ultra super time. Eight days of time-off work bliss. We flew into Phoenix where it was 100 degrees... at 11pm. Awesome. Coming from 50 degrees in Seattle.... basic heat stroke.
We stayed over night at a complete stranger's adorable house in Gilbert. (Even had a house key! Thanks Melissa!). They were so generous to let us stay in their house while they are in UT for the summer. I am going to duplicate their house when we have one it was so cute.
Well, Andrew and I got some quality time in with his cute cousins + Grandpa who also live there. Everyone lived within 5 miles of each other, which was a handy coincidence.
Gilbert is amazing. We have relatives there, really good shopping, SUN, and the BEST food. Can that be beat? I think not. We are talking Gecko Grill, Texas Roadhouse, Cafe Rio, and Sonic. It's been a YEAR without a Strawberry Limeade, so forgive me if I sound a little bit desperate.
After a few fun days in Gilbert getting to know Andrew's cousins, we headed north to somewhat less hot Flagstaff
. 90 degrees instead of 100. I'll take what we can get.
We stayed in sweet little cabins that had showers and flushing toilets. That is what I call camping! We were there for 3 days chilling with family and sightseeing. We were able to see Meteor Crater (where I got a rockin farmers tan/sunburn unfortunately), Snowbowl Skyride (terrifying), and Sedona (one of the most beautiful towns in the world). The red-rock there was gorgeous.

Snowbowl Sky Ride
12,900 ft. of sheer terror for the heights-impaired.

View from the top of the lift.... worth the scare.

It was about 1 zillion degrees this day.

Andrew of course looks perfect,
While I am dripping with sweat.
It was about 110, ideal hiking weather.

Highest toilet in Arizona...I'm proud to be a part of this picture.

We had so much fun we didn't want to leave. Possibly we will go back very soon....
On our return trip, our plane touched down about 1 am on the 4th. A few hours later we ended up at my friend Jessica's house to celebrate the 4th. Her dad owns a cabin out on a lake in Snohomish.

Sedona. My favorite sight of the trip.

Sedona Valley

We had a fun 4th of July with some of my coworkers..........

During the BBQ right when we arrived.

Pretty sunset over the forest.

Fireworks right over water.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures in Oregon

So.............. it has been three months. My strategy on updating our blog is to not do it very often, therefore create suspense and make the next entry much more exciting!
False. I'm actually just now updating this because I am a slacker. Whitney openly blasted me on facebook for not doing it. So here I am, gettin' with the times.
Andrew and I just got back from Oregon (pictures soon to come), where we got to go to a friend's wedding reception and spend the weekend with his side of the family.

My friends Kassie and Lindsey sucked it up and drove the 8 hours from Rexburg to join us there. We had all sorts of adventures, and it was amazing to catch up with my crazy roommates from college.
On the agenda was:
1. Relaxing
2. Eating Andrew's mom's delicious cooking
3. Playing in the rain outdoors
4. Doing a little shopping
5. And..... then my GPS turned into a total liar and got us hopelessly lost. So much fun.

Andrew and I are still doing just peachy. We hit a little bump in the road when his job was cut from 5 days a week to 3, but we are just grateful and happy to have jobs in this awful economy. And if we look on the bright side, as soon as he can establish residency for college purposes-- he has 2 more days a week freed up on his schedule. Score.

Rewind a little. Andrew turned 24 last week. He chose Bajio for birthday dinner (which is delicious mexican food if you don't know) and then we went home to eat a tower of maple bars, instead of cake. I think he would live off maple bars if he could.

Rewind a little more. My mom's parents flew up for their 50th anniversary. We all went out to Arnies (not to be confused with Arbys) down on the Mukilteo waterfront.It is gorgeous there and we had a great time.

Well I think that is it for now. Back again in three months! ha, just kidding. I'll try to be better. See you all in June, love ya.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Now you're stuck with me

Well hello all. First and foremost I'd like to apologize for my appaling lack of skill keeping my blog updated. Now there's two of us to blame for that.... so I figure now I'm only getting 50% of the blame. Don't tell Andrew.

So a bit of the family has not met my other half, Andrew, yet. Grandma and Grandpa Goff came down for our wedding, as well as Steve and Mel. A few others met him at Whit and Curt's wedding.

You could say our relationship was three years in the making (two of that while he was on his mission?)... and now he's stuck with me. Amazingly enough three years of this Goff was not enough to scare him away... I win.
Andrew is not what Melissa calls "wordy". I asked for his input on here and he said "hey". What he really meant to say was that he loves all of you oh so much, and is just itching to meet you.

Well... what is new these days?? As you may of guessed by now, I joined the married club. Go me! Andrew returned from his mission in Baton Rouge, Louisiana June 12th. He came back saying things like y'all, mmmmhmmmmm, and chirren.
I waited an agonizing 24 hours to see him, made the jaunt down to Hermiston, Oregon where he was hatched, and lo and behold two weeks later we were engaged. (Here is where you go "Awwww.")
Thankfully we had the most beautiful weather you could ask for the day we got married. The sun was shining and it was not beastly hot like it was the week previous. Everything looked gorgeous and perfect, thanks to my Moms planning.

Morning after the wedding we flew out to Oahu for our honeymoon. I got over my fear of flying over endless ocean and we had an amazing time, despite the weird sunburn I got ONLY on my armpits. Explain that one if you can.

We now live in pretty little Mukilteo, Washington in a one bedroom one bathroom shenanigan. Our upstairs neighbor plays Halo/World of Warcraft/Call of Duty or some obnoxious game 23 hours a day and never leaves, but it's ok!! We just focus on our wedded bliss, and it's like hitting the mute button on the weirdo upstairs.

Andrew is working for Travis Industries, which is a fireplace manufacturer. He works in the shipping department. His boss Daniel seems pretty cool, and even lets Andrew play with the foam machine. He is working until we save enough moolah to get him back into school.
I am working for a doctors office right now. Which has it's perks, like stammering when little kids ask me where babies come from, and when slightly intoxicated Betty Sue Jean tells me about her suspicous rash. I'm hoping this is sort of temporary and I can continue on to get my Masters.

Anyway, that's the Ransom life!! Love ya.