Friday, October 15, 2010


Recently I've received a few harassing emails from family and BYU friends, wondering why I never update our blog. I was thinking it hasn't been TOO LONG...

Once a year is respectable right? So blogging isn't high on my to do list. It gets trumped by working and sleeping.

So, what has happened in the last year?

We are doing well, still working the same old same old... Andrew's still working at Travis Industries and I'm still at Everett Clinic.
Andrew is back in school doing night classes. This semester he's in a Psychology course, which I love because we get to have lots of nerdy conversations-- and I get to laugh when he studies Freud.

I'm planning on going back to school in January. Long story short I'm not sure yet if I can register for Winter, but I'm hoping I can. They have a 3 month EMT program here, and it should be a breeze.

Hum what else. Oh, someone broke in to our place over the summer. They only took: cereal, pop tarts, and a baggie of fireplace parts. The parts are green and crinkly, so they probably thought it was bud. I hope they tried to smoke it, and burned their face.
Also maybe they left behind a Batman shirt??? Neither of us recognized it, and it was of the Joker. ha ha.

We briefly had two cats at the beginning of the year. I wore Andrew down, after only a year and a half of begging.
I fulfilled my very mature life-long dream to own a cat and name it Hobbes. When we saw all of them, they were so cute I had to have two. We got them when they were only 6 weeks old, adorable fluffy Siamese/Tabby kitties.


We soon found out that Hobbes has a penchant for chasing you around the house, and eating everything in sight. He's a little tornado of energy.
You never knew when he was going to sneak attack and jump up your pajama-clad legs while you are brushing your teeth, or when he will stealth crawl under your laptop while you're watching a scary movie alone in the dark.


Retail therapy was also a favorite...


Juno I'm pretty sure had a different parent or was exposed to crack in the womb. She has some sort of freakishly abnormal inability to catch herself, and she falls off of stuff.. a LOT. And runs into walls. And chases imaginary things. (See?)


I loved them dearly, but they didn't last long. Our place was too small. Oh, and... Andrew hates cats.


Speaking of Andrew, we had our 2 year wedding anniversary in September, and took a fancy-pants dinner cruise around Seattle. It was gorgeous, and the food was great.


I can't really think of anything else exciting that has happened. I had some mild appendicitis earlier this week, and they found an ovarian cyst. After two days of tests, (including the glorious CT with the contrast dye that makes you feel like you are peeing yourself) they decided I didn't need surgery for now, and I had to just wait it out.
The cyst blew on it's own (imagine what Hiroshima might feel like in your abdomen) and then it was all better.


That's all I can think of for now.

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